Stab-proof high visibility vest

Our safety vest offers double safety! Due to the robust outer material in neon yellow and the reflective stripes, you are always highly visible. Inside the vest you will find our proven stab-proof material, which protects you all around. The very large safety area covers almost the entire upper body. As with our other vests, the reflective vest is characterized by a very high wearing comfort. We achieve this by the low weight of approx. 1.8 kg in combination with a protected area of over 0.5 m². In comparison, other vests only offer a covered area of 0.1 – 0.2 m². Furthermore, the wearing comfort is significantly increased by the high flexibility of the stab-proof material. This means that the vest can be worn permanently without any restrictions – regardless of whether you are seated or highly active.




With the Armadillo Tex’s stab-proof high visibility vest you are always clearly visible and yet effectively protected against knife attacks. The vest was developed for security forces in public areas. It can be optimally used for stewards, marshals or in traffic control. The outer fabric of the vest is made of durable open-meshed, neon yellow polyester. This makes it particularly breathable and also ideally suitable for outdoor use. The 3 reflective stripes ensure best visibility even in the dark. On the front side there are 6 pockets and an additional pocket with zipper. Individual patches can be attached via the two Velcro patches.
The vest has a protected zipper, so that it can be put on and taken off comfortably. The front and back overlap and are held together by a strong Velcro fastener. The vest can also be adjusted in size by means of this Velcro fasteners.
The technology used to make our stab protection vests and other stab-proof garments is innovative and unique throughout the world. After many years of intensive research, we have succeeded in manufacturing a textile composite that is safe, light and flexible at the same time. Our high visibility stab-proof vest weighs only approx. 1.8 kg, for example. The protective layer is made of a high-strength aramid fabric to which a special plastic is inseparably applied. The combination of high strength fibres and the energy absorbing plastic create a material of which its specific properties even exceed those of stainless steel plates. The weight is approx. 4.5 times lower than that of a comparably thick stainless steel plate. We have taken the armadillo as a model to ensure flexibility and breathability. Just like this armored mammal, we make use of an overlapping scaly structure. However, our scaly structure differs from that of other suppliers in that it is not possible to push it apart. This allows us to achieve a high degree of safety in combination with maximum flexibility.

Additional information


M, L


Neon yellow


1,6 kg; 1,8 kg

Protection area:

0,35 m², 0,41 m²


Outer fabric: 100 % Polyester, breathable net fabric, protection material: Aramid Composite

Further features:

3 reflective stripes
6 pockets, zipper with extra protection