Tactical stab-resistant vest

Our tactical stab-resistant vest provides safety, comfort, and plenty of storage options for your gear with the MOLLE system! Inside the durable and breathable outer material lies our proven stab-resistant material, offering comprehensive protection. Like all our vests, it covers nearly the entire torso. The tactical vest also stands out for its exceptional comfort, much like our other vests. This is achieved primarily through the lightweight and highly flexible stab-resistant material. This allows for extended wear without limitations, whether sitting or engaging in high-intensity activities.



If you prefer wearing the stab-resistant vest open and need ample space for your gear, the tactical vest by Armadillo Tex is the perfect choice. Externally, it provides abundant attachment points with its MOLLE system. Inside, the vest features a breathable material that ensures exceptional ventilation, offering superior comfort, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Both the front and back feature Velcro areas where patches and labels can be easily affixed. The back of the vest can be adjusted with loops over a wide range, while the shoulder straps are adjustable in length to customize the fit. Both the shoulder and waist buckles are made from robust plastic, designed to open easily without coming undone on their own. Once the vest is sized correctly, putting it on and taking it off only requires opening a single side buckle.

The protective material inside the vest can be easily removed, allowing the outer shell to be machine-washed for thorough and hygienic cleaning. The technology used to create our stab-resistant vests and other puncture-resistant clothing is innovative and globally unique. After years of intensive research, we’ve developed a textile composite that is both safe, lightweight, and flexible. The protective layer is composed of high-strength aramid fabric, permanently bonded with a specialized plastic. With the combination of high-strength fibers and an energy-absorbing plastic, we achieve a lightweight product with excellent protective qualities.

To ensure flexibility and breathability, we modeled our design after the armadillo. Just like this armored mammal, we employ an overlapping scale structure. Unlike other manufacturers, our scales are arranged in a way that prevents them from being pried apart, providing a high level of security combined with superior flexibility.

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